Scientists Invent the Lightest-ever Breast Implants that will Prevent your Bust from Sagging

Bianca Zen | 18 Mar 2014

A revolutionary new breast implant – the lightest ever created – is due to be introduced in Britain later this year.

The new implants, called B-Lite, will weigh 30 per cent less than any others on the market – and are designed to avoid the kind of sagging that can occur after time with conventional cosmetic breasts.

Up to now, implants have been made of weighty silicon gel or a saline water solution. 

The new type consists of a silicone shell filled with minute balls of silicate, a solid form of silicone gel, but much lighter. 

Inventor Dael Govrin, an Israeli biochemical engineer, said: ‘Breast implants haven’t got any lighter in weight since they were first introduced in 1962. There has been no change in what goes into an implant since day one. 

‘We know that after ten or 15 years, these implants will need replacing. When you put an implant in, it is a dead weight. That’s why they start to sag after a number of years and why women get through two or three sets if they want to maintain good-looking breasts.

‘We think it is important to make an implant as light as possible.’

The average conventional implant weighs just over 1lb, while the average real breast is slightly lighter than that. The new implant weighs a third less than than the conventional type.

Nearly 40 Israeli women have already been fitted with the new breasts and say they hardly notice they are there.

Source: Daily Mail