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Halley Medical Aesthetics | 29 Oct 2020

Since wearing a mask is a legal requirement, our eyes now play an even bigger role in our social interactions now. We want our eyes to look good, not haggard or lifeless since whoever is talking to you is now focused on your eyes only. This means eyebags, undereye hollows, and dark eye circles stand out more than ever! How do we rejuvenate our eye area, so that we look fresh and youthful even with our masks on?

To address this concern, we’ve got Dr. Mark Lim from Halley Medical Aesthetics with us to answer some of our very pressing questions on the topic of dark eye circles. Watch our interview video with Dr. Mark Lim and find out more about dark eye circles treatment in Singapore.


What causes dark eye circles?


The three main causes of dark eye circles are excessive pigmentation, poor structure, and superficial blood vessels.

Poor structure in younger individuals is due to their inherent face shape and skeletal structure. And as we grow older, atrophy of the facial fat pads around our eyes and cheeks results in volume loss and hollowing. Our skin also becomes looser, and deeper soft tissues in our faces become saggier. These age-related changes all contribute to worsening of the shadows under our eyes.

Blood vessels that are located very close to the surface of our skin can also give the appearance of dark eye circles. These vessels have a bluish and purplish hue which shows up under our skin.


What are the common misconceptions of dark eye circles?


Dark eye circles are so common that people think they are due to a lack of sleep and put up with it for years because they feel it is not something within their control. Fatigue, poor sleep, and environmental stressors such as excessive alcohol intake and smoking can indeed worsen their appearance. Modifying our lifestyle may improve it slightly, but often does not have significant or lasting results.

Will getting longer hours of sleep help with the problem?


Unfortunately, better sleep offers only mild improvement and pesky dark eye circles can persist despite being well-rested.


If so, what can aesthetic doctors do to help?


Firstly, we can prescribe depigmentation creams, which are creams that contain ingredients like hydroquinone, retinoic acid, kojic acid to reduce melanin pigment formation under the eyes. Vitamin C serums also help to neutralise free radicals in the skin that trigger melanin formation.


Lasers like the PicoSure laser and Q-Switched laser can lighten the pigmentation under the eye. The Long-Pulsed laser reduces the appearance of the blood vessels under the eye.

Energy devices like Ultherapy, HIFU and RF machines are very helpful in addressing structural problems. Ultherapy and HIFU use focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen in the deeper soft tissue layers, and so providing a lifting effect in hollowed, saggy areas around the eye. RF machines use radiofrequency instead to stimulate collagen in more superficial areas which helps tighten areas of loose skin.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are the best choice for treating dark eye circles especially those due to structural deficiency. Fillers replace volume in hollowed, sunken areas, provide support for saggy areas, hydrate the skin, and even help to make superficial blood vessels less obvious. The icing on the cake is that the procedure often takes no longer than 30 minutes and improvement is immediate.

Measures to ensure that the skin around our eyes looks fresh and hydrated:


Some simple measures would be sun avoidance and adequate sun protection. Regular skin care with moisturisers and antioxidant serums are important to keep our skin hydrated and youthful. Smoking and excessive alcohol generates free radicals which cause premature ageing through oxidative stress, so it’s important to avoid that as well.

Are daily eye massages necessary and effective in preventing eye bags?

There’s always a certain degree of truth in conventional wisdom. Daily eye massages may be helpful for some by reducing the puffiness of the eyes. However, massages are not helpful for dark eye circles caused by structural deficiency or pigmentation and so may not work for many others.

Dr. Mark Lim of Halley Medical Aesthetics

Thank you Dr. Mark Lim for sharing with us a guide to the causes of dark eye circles and what we can hence do to get rid of them. Book an appointment with Halley Medical Aesthetics and let Dr. Mark Lim advise you on the best course of action for beautiful eyes.



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