Thai Woman Dies from Cosmetic Injection

Aesthetics Hub | 9 Jan 2013

A Thai woman who earlier fell unconscious after an unlicensed cosmetic clinician injected a filler material into her buttocks died on Tuesday morning.

Athitiya Eiamyai, 33, a product presenter, was declared dead at 10.35 am local time in the intensive care unit at Kluaynamthai Hospital in Bangkok.

On September 16, Thanat Natveerakul, an unlicensed cosmetic clinician, injected a foreign filler into Athitiya's buttocks as part of a procedure to make her figure more shapely. Within minutes she lost consciousness and then fell into a deep coma. Doctors said later her heart stopped beating and her brain was starved of oxygen for at least four minutes.

Thanat, 24, later turned himself in to police and confessed that he is not licensed to perform the procedure. He said he used to work as an assistant at a skin clinic and had experience giving injections. He resigned from the clinic to start his own business and clients came to him by word of mouth.

Source: Globaltimes