The Weirdest Places People Get Nips and Tucks

Aesthetics Hub | 6 Feb 2018

Botox, lip fillers and boob jobs are pretty mainstream these days and plenty of people now think nothing of going under the knife for cosmetic reasons.


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But it seems some are going to more extreme lengths to improve their looks.

Cosmetic surgery nurse Nicole Montgomery has revealed the weirdest places people get nip and tucks.

The Australian, who founded the Trusted Surgeons practice, told the Daily Mail there is now demand for some very surprising procedures.


Palm Line Modification

Some people take palm reading very seriously, it seems, and want to be the author of their own destiny.

Nicole revealed that in Japan, some people have the lines on their hands surgically modified in the belief it will change their fate.

In Japan, people are trying to change their destiny with palm surgery


Simply put, it’s Botox in the scrotum.

This prodecure smooths out the skin, making the area seem larger.

Nicole said: “Personally, I struggle to see someone getting this, but some people go to the extreme for beauty."


Six Pack Sculpting

Hitting the gym for hours on end is just too much effort for some people, who resort to going under the knife instead

Six pack sculpting - or ab etching – is similar to liposuction and involves sucking excess fat out the stomach, and then etching outlines in the abdomen to create the six pack look.

Nicole said the procedure is proving more and more popular, especially among men seeking the perfect six pack.

CREDIT: ANDRIY POPOV / ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Six pack sculpting is the lazy way of getting amazing abs

Belly Button Surgery

Are you an innie or an outie?

It seems some are not happy with the belly button that nature gave them.

Nicole said: “Being an innie myself, I assume this is what normal people have. So, for me, it’s not so weird for people with outies trying to join the innie camp.

“Outside of the obvious aesthetic look, it turns out that a lot of outie belly buttons are small umbilical hernias.”

Surgeons can perform an “umbilicoplasty” to repair this hernia, she said, for those who wanted a more “aesthetically pleasing innie”.

Outies can become innies with surgery

Eye Implants

Not happy with the colour of your eyes? You can change them with an eye implant.

The procedure involves a silicone-cased implant in the eye which changes the colour of the iris.

BRIGHTOCULAR Silicone implants can change eye colour

Eyelash Implants

Women who lust after thicker lashes are having implants of hair put in.

Nicole said: “This hair transplant gives back your youthful look but does come at a price.

“Normal hair follicles continue to grow and need to be trimmed regularly. Curling may also be required.”


Eyelid Surgery

Belpharoplasty – more commonly known as double-eyelid surgery or double fold surgery  - is popular among certain Asian groups, according to Nicole.

It opens up the eyes to create a larger and more 'bright-eyed' look.


Fake Dimples

A dimple when you smile is seen by some as a cute feature, and now it’s possible to get a fake one.

The procedure, known as 'dimpleplasty', is minimally invasive and leaves no visible scarring.

A small cut is made on the inside of the cheek and then a small stitch is made to create the dimple.

CREDIT: HERO IMAGES INC. / ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Dimples are a sought-after facial feature

Ear Pointing and Tongue Splitting

PA:PRESS ASSOCIATION Tongue splitting is now a common op for extreme body modification fans

Body modification has grown in popularity in recent years and fans love to go to extremes.

Tongue splitting, to give the tongue a snake or lizard-like appearance is now one of the more sought after-surgeries.

Nicole said: “Part of its popularity comes about from it easily being hidden away, and the surgery is quick and simple.

“When you get bored of this modification, it's easily reversed.”

CREDIT: MANDY GODBEHEAR / ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Elf ears are often asked for
By Alison Maloney
This article first appeared in The Sun UK.