This Dermaplaning-Meets-Microneedling Treatment Is the Newest Way to Get Skin That Gleams and Glows

Aesthetics Hub | 7 Mar 2018
Behold the power of skin-resurfacing treatments. From lasers that lift pigmentation and soften skin texture to microdermabrasion and chemical peels, which exfoliate away the top layers of skin, there’s nothing quite like a resurfacing treatment.

The newest one on the scene is MIRApeel and it fuses two unique technologies—wet abrasion and wet microneedling—into a single treatment. Here’s how it works:

Step 1
For about 10 minutes, the top, outermost layers of skin are gently and safely abraded layer by layer with a specially designed razor-like head that can be dialled up or dialled down depending on how aggressive the treatment needs to be. At the same time, skin is infused with the brand’s proprietary serums. By removing dead surface skin, skin is prepped to better receive what’s to come in step two.

Step 2
Tiny, 0.25-millimetre needles are rolled across the skin with a flow of serums. The company calls it “wet micro-protrusion,” which is essentially micro-needling with the addition of a wet component (here, it’s the use of serums). According to Serge Castro, CEO of MIRAMed, the company that makes MIRApeel, the tiny needles are effective because the tip gently glides over the skin while firmly "adhering" to it thanks to vacuum power.

Step 3
Two LED lights are used on the skin to allow it to calm down, followed by a soothing bio-cellulose face and décolleté mask.

Although six to eight weekly sessions followed by quarterly maintenance are recommended to see maximum results, the wet microneedles are the major point of distinction here. “There’s an immediate 'MIRAwow' effect—that’s what we call it. There’s also no blood and no pain with the procedure,” says Castro. “Skin will be glowy and refreshed and boasts a beautiful new appearance directly after the treatment." Ideal for correcting pretty much anything from dry skin and age spots to acne scars and textural issues, and even premature ageing, MIRApeel, which was developed in Germany and has a huge following in Europe with dermatologists, is quickly making its mark. Think of this as the next generation of micro needling.

The article first appeared on New Beauty.