Why South Korean High Schoolers Want Plastic Surgery

Aesthetics Hub | 17 Jul 2013

Beauty standards in South Korea have changed to favor the “double eyelid” and white skin. The mini-documentary Korean High School explains. South Koreans are radically altering their appearance at a shockingly young age to conform to more traditionally “Western” standards of beauty. Below, South Korean high school students explain this thinking in their own words.

What is beauty according to them?


When asked why she thinks these traits are pretty...


Do they want to get plastic surgery?



Interviewer from off camera:


Why do they want a nose job?




Many South Koreans get surgery to create a false eyelid crease typically native to Western faces. 

How Koreans apply a special glue to give themselves a “double eyelid”.


Watch the entire mini-documentary on Korean high school students.

Source: Buzzfeed