Wonderbra Model Admitted on Breasts Augmentation. False Advertising?

Bianca Zen | 20 Aug 2013

JESINTA Campbell is the Bear Grylls of scandal survival. Recently the Wonderbra model not only let a monumental faux pas roll off her like water off a cute duck's posterior, she also tried to turn it around to her advantage.

In the case of former beauty queen-turned-TV presenter Campbell, after vehemently denying she'd had a breast augmentation, the new face of Wonderbra was forced to make, ahem, a clean breast of it and admit that she'd had her boobs done as a teenager.

She explained it was "just a small procedure" as she went from an AA to a B cup.

Campbell also made it known that if she could have her time again, she would choose a push-up bra - like Wonderbra, luckily - over surgery.

Source: Herald Sun